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I miss tohoshinki

my current ear worm!I wish these guys would get back together as 5...as they can SING!!

東方神起-Tohoshinki-氷りノ愛ーLove in the Ice from Sukinow on Vimeo.

Arashi Thank you!

YouTube sucks!

So I have decided to figure out a different way to upload my fanvids that I put together since YouTube has finally terminated me...althou I was expecting it...I still don't think it's right!

I mean I never claimed that any of the parts of vids I posted were mine or that I created them. However, they shouldn't impede on our right as fans to create a fanvid to compile them in a creative way! I just think that's unfair! Anyways I guess I can rant and rave and nothing will change.

SmileyCentral.comSo I do apologize for those of you checking out my LJ and find that the vids that were linked thru YT are not working. As soon as I find a solution I will re-upload them. However I don't think I will be making another YT account. I am going to BOYCOTT YouTube!SmileyCentral.com And so beware: if you are posting any vids with ARASHI or any other JE group chances are no matter what you will eventually get it blocked and with 3 strikes you will be terminated ( I can't believe they actually sent me an email with that word in it!!).

Monster Tribute

So I noticed Arashi has performed this song several times and found a great song by fort minor to compliment it so here goes my Monster compilation. I think I will have to make the video private on YT in a little bit...and maybe revamp it a bit since I left out the performance they did on Kohaku of Monster (althou it might have been good that I did since I heard NHK is strict and would probably have gotten my last strike on YT if I did put it in). Anyways hope you like my fanvid!

Tribute to Jun and Mao Part 1 and 3

Jun and Mao Tribute 1

I know that it has been awhile since HYD but wanted to make a tribute (fanvid) to this on-screen couple (who I believe is also still together off-screen XD). There is so much on the 2 that I didn't manage to fit it in to one song...so hopefully I can do another one...
I love this song by Arashi (Sirius)....it's perfect for these two!
Credits to ll13jl for concert vid of Sirius and Ouji to Hime for Hana yori Dango Legend raw vids and Hana yori Dango 2 making vids
The vids are raw and I did my own subs.

Jun and Mao Tribute 3 (tribute 2 although out of order, they took off YT, so I posted in separate JL entry on 12/15)

Ok so this might be my last...we will see...it's a lot of work but had to do this one since I love this song at the moment!
I have to give credits to Ouji to Hime since they gave me the vids for HYD2 making (hug scene and other making of hyd2 scenes) and Chi Chin Pui Pui (I am sure you all have seen the subbed or raw version). I subbed Nishino Kana's kimi tte song myself. I think the meaning of the song fits these 2 very well, even though I know it's from Nino's new drama. :))
I tried a new program and this one I actually bought so still working out the kinks...there were some glitches that I couldn't fix, so hopefully as I use it more it will get better!

So I really love both of these songs and I wanted to merge them somehow because they both kinda relate with the Umbrella theme! LOL! So of course with Neener as the center of attention I decided to...remix Rihanna's Umbrella with Arashi's Tokei no Jikake no Umbrella ( just my funny way of mixing hiphop with jpop LOL). I think it meshed pretty well!

Credits to ll13jl for original concert and PV vids (Believe PV, Truth PV, 5x10 concert Nino's solo, 5x10 concert beautiful days)

I am biased since I like Arashi as a whole but also Nino's my fave so he's the focus of most of the clips. (^0^)

Mao with Arashi

So this is my latest project, Arashi and Mao (althou it probably focuses a lot on Jun) but I tend to think the whole group love her so...and the new song that I love love is Ave Maria remix by Beyonce. It's such a beautiful song. I just couldn't help but make a fanvid to go along with the song.

On a side note, quite frustrated with YT. They really stunt any kind of creative process. So made all my vids on YT private and probably won't be uploading any more there. I hope that LJ doesn't do the same thing to me.

Credits to Ouji to Hime for original movie clips Boku no Hatsukoi wa Kimi ni Sasagu
Credits to ll13jl for original Beautiful Days PV, Love Rainbow PV
Song: Beyonce "Ave Maria"
I don't own anything just the editing

Jun Mao Tribute 2

I reposted here in my LJ since YouTube took it down for whatever reason...anyways you can see the other tributes on Youtube. I will upload to LJ if I have the time. It's a fanvid of Jun and Mao since they are my favorite duo.

Original Video Credits to Ouji to Hime for Hanadan Legend vids
Original Video Credits to ll13jl for the one love Hanadan performance by Arashi
This is a public entry but please do not upload or stream to other sites, the subbing was done by me and I arranged and created all pics to go into fanvid. It takes a lot of time and work so I appreciate you not taking it and posting it as your own.